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Logistics plays an important role in marketing and business of our chemicals. How to make the transportation Safe enough? How to reduce the transportation Cost at maximum ? How to Shorten the time of transportation?....these are all that we have to think about it and are trying to find way to solve it. Our goal is We work for your satisfaction and exceed your expectation !



Logistics Center

Sea Delivery

Sea delivery is the most common mode for international business. We can deliver cargo from any port of China, including Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Ningbo etc. We can provide professional delivery service to our customers with relatively low cost because:
>>  TNJ has our own International Logistics Company.
>>  TNJ has customs broker in almost all famous seaport, to help customers solve all clearance problems.
>>  Provide free service for cargo collecting from China mainland to mix in one full container.
>>  Door to Door service 
If you need sea service, please contact Sunny Ma  [email protected]
Sea Delivery


Air delivery is taken by airplane. Normally customer who needs cargo delivery urgently would choose air delivery because it is fast,safe and efficient. Air delivery promotes the development of international business mostly because of its fast speed.


Fast:        Fast delivery, normally 7-10 days to everywhere in the world.

> Safe:       Air delivery has much lower chance to get cargo damaged and lost.

> In-time:   Air delivery has very easy transfer process (if it has) which shortens the delivery time a lot.


If you need air service, please cotact  Chris Liu   [email protected] 



Hefei has direct train to Middle Asia and Europe. Till now the train can reach Middle Asia, Russia, Germany, Poland, Turkey etc.

Train lines:      Middle Asia, Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, Russia....
Advantage:  > Short delivery time(17-20 days to Europe)
                       > Low delivery cost

                       > Bulk loading quantities


If you are intrested, please contact us to inquire the exact more train lines Sunny Ma   [email protected]



Express delivery is the most fast and convenient way of delivery. There are DHL TNT UPS FEDEX EMS etc.as the most popular courier service around the global.

>  Fast delivery, normally it takes 3-4 days for door to door service.
>  Higher cost comparing to other delivery modes, suitable for delivery of cargo with high value and small size.
>  Door to door service, no complicated and time-costly customs clearance procedure.
>  The couriers we choose most for international delivery are DHL,UPS,TNT,FEDEX,EMS etc.


If you need Courier service, please contact  Chris Liu  [email protected]

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